Optimum Bait Company’s Furry Amphibian Family

Winner of New Product Showcase – Best Soft Lure 2006icastsigntrophy

“Furbit the Frog” & “Poppin’ Furbit”

Real Rabbit Fur Legs – Furbit’s legs ripple and flutter in a manner that synthetic rubber or plastic legs never will. Flaring hair is perfect for Stop & Go technique. Features a molded-in belly weight and weights 5/8 ounce. Sealed off weight keeps water out and eliminates extra tuning. Equipped with a 6/0 Owner extra wide gap hook allowing full body depression and insuring a good hook set.

“Furbit” sports a #3 Colorado blade while “Poppin’ Furbit has a #3 willow blade attached for added flash and vibration. Perfectly balanced so it angles and sits on surface exactly like a real frog swims. Completely weedless! Even in the thickest of cover.

Hit the water… “Furbit” will pop and twitch loudly where the big ones live!naturalside2

Equipped with a 6/0 Owner extra wide hook and #3 willow or Colorado blade.poppercranberry4