Gurkha Knife

GURKHAKNIFE / GlucanaifeMagnum sized big spoon “Gurukanaiif” designed with a characteristic tail that jumps up to a V-shaped blade. This unique blades with four-sided configurations diffuse the powerful flushing reminiscent of large baitfish only with “gillant” and rocking, and it is like narcotic that instinctively induces the bus in the neutral state to the reaction bite I will release flushing.

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follow It is a tuning less big spoon that gives off a strong flushing not only in lift & fall but also in retrieve, and brings byte opportunity until pickup.

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viagra en grapefruit ■ A form reminiscent of a streamlined baitfish such as  generic viagra tablets form ayu, ugui, ketabas, and a unique four-sided blade design releases narcotic flushing that far exceeds the spoon in the past. follow site ■ Hook & swivel – hook is not included. Please prepare by triple hook and assist hook etc, situation and preference.

college essay writers For reservoir · lock area · lava area, triple hook, deep flat and assist hook for deep flat and weed flat are recommended. The line eye is equipped with a power swivel (size # 2) that reduces trouble caused by yarn breakage by default.

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help with literature review ● Recommended hook size (triple hook: 4.7oz = # 3 / 0,2oz = # 2/0, assist hook: 4.7Oz = # 3 / 0,2Oz = # 2/0 ~ # 1/0)

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see ■ Action – Back slide fall while rotating to the right to the right. As it slides while sliding while rotating to the left and right, the speed will be slow and it will release high-pitched flushing around. Also, use the image as if the lotus escapes the surface of the water Surface wrap retrieve is a secret method used by world record holder Kurita studies who forcibly turns on the bus.

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# 01 Silver # 02 gold # 03 Black
# 01 Silver # 02 gold # 03 Black
# 04 Blue Shad # 05 Pink Shad # 06 Metal digit
# 04 Blue Shad # 05 Pink Shad # 06 Metal digit
# 07 Sexy Shad
# 07 Sexy Shad