Optimum Baits owner Matt Paino and Phil Hunt from PH Custom lures with Elite pros Paul Mueller, and Bill Lowen in the Optimum Booth at icast On The Water.

After weeks of preparation, icast 2015 has come and gone. The 4 day event was an all around success. From showcasing new products in action at “icast On The Water” to discussing the pros take on new products, the Optimum crew had a great time at the event.


icast On The Water 2015

The Optimum booth sitting pretty at icast 2015

New from Optimum :

AA’s Bad Bubba Shad Swimbait


After many requests for a beefier version of our original AA’s Shad tail, a new paddle tail swimbait design was brought to the table. This new bulkier bait was designed with the idea of being able to rig these baits with a much larger hook shank with reduced body wear. Many saltwater anglers prefer using a larger hook with our shad tails, so we delivered with one bad beefy shad.

With the use of CAD design and 3D printing technology, we were able to give this bait a mean 3D scale pattern and really fine tune its swimming action.  Along with a fat belly for increased body wobble,  the bait was also given a textured paddle tail for increased water displacement and vibration.

This new body design eliminates unnatural tail flailing and provides a tighter body roll and tail kick to represent a live baitfish swimming action.

Optimum pro Fred Roumbanis was more than excited about the new swimbait design (He tried to take all the samples!)

This is a new take on an older bait that we think will prove to be a very versatile tool in the world of swimbaits.

Our designer Jake Rowinsky showcasing the Bad Bubba Shad with Elite pros Fred Roumbanis and Paul Mueller


For more about this bait check out Paul Mueller’s interview with AdvancedAngler.com


6″ & 7″  Victory Tail


DSC_0412To complete the lineup of Victory Tails, a 6″ and 7″ size was added. With a complete set of sizes ranging from 3″-8″ the Victory tail is a very versatile bait with many applications when trying to match the hatch.

For more about the Victory tail and Fred Roumbanis’ technique he used with this bait at Kentucky lake, Check out the videos from our friends over at AdvancedAngler.com and WesternBass.com



Elite Angler Paul Mueller hangs out with a young fan at icast On The Water

KVD stopped by the Optimum Booth for a quick chat

Elite Angler Fred Roumbanis busy with an interview during media day.