NZ Crawler


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go ■ Big crawler bait of the flat wide body “NZ crawler”.  – A powerful crawler action with torque that is born from a large stainless steel wing rolls flat wide body well and stirs powerful water pressure wave and water surface. At Crawlerbait, it makes me feel annoying to threaten the big bus.

follow site ■ Stainless steel large wing – Flat large-sized stainless steel large wing that rolls and creates powerful crawler action. source url A screw protruding from the body prevents the wing lock, occasionally interferes with the wing and generates a scratch sound.

go ● Tuning & Adjustment – The wing may be distorted due to impact such as landing. Also change the wing’s wide angle and angle, the action and scratch sound will change so please tune it to your favorite action. ■ Tail & Blade – Tail section to follow crawl action. The custom blade (Colorado # 4) also follows the tail end, but it also generates scratching sounds with flushing and body and hooks. You can install Prop etc in the Heaton of the tail blade, it can also appeal plus α.

follow url ■ Hook – # 1 Hook Eye adopts a swivel, it greatly alleviates balancing such as improvement of hooking rate and death.


enter ■ Action – Turning back from the inverse watering posture to the original rotation action triggers a byte with a high probability! This is the back method of Hibara Lake Guide K-RO Keiichiro Watanabe.

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