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  • Banzai Hog Series: Tiny, 2”, 3” Bigbhhp
  • Grub Series: 1” & 2”
  • 4” Furry Fry
  • 3” Twin Teasertthp
  • 4” Straight Tail4sthp

follow site THE LISTED LENGTHS INCLUDE THE PLASTIC PART OF THE WORM ONLY. THE LENGTH OF THE RABBIT FUR RANGES FROM 1″ TO 1.5″. What makes these baits extra attractive is the REAL RABBIT HAIR that is impregnated in the ends of the plastic worm. You ask, why rabbit? Well the answer is simple. The natural action in the water speaks for itself. It undulates freely acting as a teaser; and the feel of the hair is also more natural so the bass will hold onto the worm longer giving the angler an extra second to set the hook. go to site Banzai Hog

viagra no presc banzai-in-action essay hacks The Banzai Hog can be fished on a jig as a trailer, Texas style, or dropshotted. As the bait falls, the front arms will raise in a banzai position creating vibration. The back wings will span out moving lots of water. This also slows the bait down so it will stay in the strike zone longer.  The rabbit hair will stand up and acts as a teaser by undulating naturally.

buy cialis online worldwide shipping Twin Teaser ttactionhp custom writing service usa The Twin Teaser is fished wacky style. You can fish it without a sinker for dragging it on the surface, drop shot it wacky style, or recently a popular method is fishing it on a jig trailer. The fur that protrudes from both sides will stand up imitating a irritated crawfish.

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