The newest creation from Optimum Baits and AA Worms is the multi faceted swimbait that mimics both a stage 3.5 Tadpole in fresh water and a Flying fish in saltwater. Originally hand carved, this creature was finished on CAD to ensure the most lifelike action on various retrieve speeds.  It is available in a 3”, 4”, and 5” model.  The wings or legs not only add a bulkier profile but enhance the performance as they gyrate and flutter up and down producing a fish enticing vibration.Designed with versatility in mind, the rigging options are endless. Use it on both a vertical and horizontal presentation, in open water or in cover around rock or grass.

When fished on the Optimum Baits Diamond Head or a darter head, the lure produces 3 distinct actions with the tail kicking, body rolling, and the wings fluttering profusely causing lots of commotion.  The Diamond Head also allows the lure to stand upright on the bottom as if the tadpole is feeding.
The Optimum Diamond Heads feature a top of the line Mustad Laser sharp black nickel hook to ensure a good hookset.  On an offset hook rigged weedless, the bait provides a more subtle action with a tail kick and slight wiggling of the legs.

It’s the perfect lure for Multi-Species. Largemouth, striped bass, small mouth bass,  Calico Bass, Sand Bass, Spotted Bay bass, Tuna on the slide.

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