Spring is finally upon us throughout the US. Water temps are rising, the bass are spawning, and like all fishermen, your friends are probably lying about how much the first long armed bass of the year really weighed.

So ignore the bull and our horrible attempt at being clever, because the Deps Bullshooter 160 is back in stock for the 2016 Spring season!


Before 2015, the Bullshooter and Bullshooter Jr. were exclusively sold in Japan to Deps web members. Since their stateside arrival last year, they have become a staple big bass bait in many swimbait angler’s arsenals.

The stunning life-like bluegill detail of the Bullshooter 160 is only half of what makes this such a killer spring time bait. The perfectly balanced glide action of the bait can be slowly worked under the control of your rod tip, making it an extremely versatile swimbait for many situations.  As many discovered last year, the drawing power of the Bullshooter is something from out of this world. After you see how many big fish come lurking out of the depths to see this bait, you may never want to put it down…

The 3.70z, 160mm (6.3″) long hard bodied swimbait is available again in four colors. These include; #01 Real Bluegill and #12 Natural Ghost Gill, as well as two new colors, #02 Flash Baby Gill, and #10 Tropical Glitter Gill.

baby flash

#02 Flash Baby Gill


#01 Realistic Blue Gill

ghost gill

#12 Natural Ghost Gill

glitter gil

#10 Tropical Glitter

Check out the videos below of Butch Brown fishing the new Bullshooter, and Deps Japan members fishing the previous larger sized Bullshooter 190.